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being in control

i finally feel like i'm in control of my finances. it's quite an amazing feeling.
i haven't run exact numbers for january to see how much debt i paid down overall, but i know i paid off some overall, not much, but some is good.  but, i think i made some changes in january and already the first week of february that has really set me up for success. not to mention just being paid more for work helps too.
WHAT I DID -transfered balances from 2 cards over to a third card. the balances have until may and august 2019 to be paid off or they start being charged interest. i do have a prior balance transfer that will start charging interest this september on the same card. but i'll just monitor it and transfer whatever is left when the time comes. 
-i stopped pay an extra $50 per month on my principal loan for my mortgage.
-i canceled small monthly subscription services. i mostly remembered to skip them all each month but sometimes not. now i don't have to worry about those…

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