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april fools financials

happy april fools!

clearly i'm not great at being a consistent blogger. i keep meaning to but finding myself sitting down at my laptop and not writing updates.
such is life.

well, i think things financially are okay. not great, not crap, just okay.
i'm not sure why it's so hard for me to not spend money - even on stupid little things!

i got my debt down a little bit but looking at my current balances they're back up a little bit, which is discouraging. in *some* fairness, i had surgery and pre-paid for the majority of it and my boyfriend had a friend in town this last week and we went out quite a bit.

speaking of boyfriend, he moved in! so that'll be helpful financially, but unfortunately i have to pay my full health insurance premium so i'll only have about $100 'extra' every month. plus with him moving in we had some moving related expenses - zipcar, new bookcase, a few other necessary bits.

self-care has cost quite a bit this month. er, more like th…

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